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Andrew Hayes: Volumes at Seager Gray Gallery

January 31 (or Feb 1) to March 2, 2014

The  Seager Gray Gallery is a wonderful supporter of book arts and artists’ books. In February, Andrew Hayes: Volumes, will be featured. We always like to wander up to Mill Valley, not only for the Seager Gray Gallery, but also for the great shops, restaurants and concert venue.

Andrew Hayes: Volumes at Seager Gray Gallery

Andrew  Hayes - Andrew Hayes Placer an altered book and steel sculpture at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley California San Francisco Bay Area

[Placer, 2013]

Andrew Hayes’s sculptures embody a tactile exploration of scale, a push-and-pull between the immense and the intimate. His juxtaposition of materials from the tough environs of industry with those more familiar to the softer world of study, and his use of forms reminiscent of monuments, architecture, and landscapes in objects that can be held in your hand invite a pleasant confusion about the indicators of size.

From the essay by Wes Stitt

Andrew  Hayes - Furrow

[Furrow, 2014]

Reception for the Artist is Friday, February 7th, 6-8 p.m.



Seager Gray Gallery – Ideation by Chance (And Why You Should Drive to Mill Valley)

Ideation by Chance_4x6

Greg and I wandered up to Mill Valley on Saturday. We went specifically for the Ideation by Chance exhibit at the Seager Gray Gallery and then had a wonderful time making a day of it.

First the show:

We hadn’t been to Seager Gray Gallery yet and we found it to be smaller than Donna Seager’s old Gallery but nicely laid out and intimate. The show, Ideation by Chance, is very strong with a collaborative feel to it. (It’s not too late, you can still go until March 9th, 2013)  The concept based on Ideation Cards created by Barbara Tetenbaum, lends itself to both a broad sense of creativity but also a cohesive whole.

Among our favorite works:

MisMatch by Macy Chadwick 


This was my favorite piece in the show. I loved the artwork and the repeating but dissimilar imagery. It was colorful, creative and fun to play with. The box is cleverly designed to create not only slots for storing and changing the images but also a lid that can act as an easel for display.

Simulations on a Two-dimensional Grid by Sarah Bryant

Two Dimensional Grid

This was Greg’s favorite piece. He loved the linear designs on the pages, the pinholes and the way the printed lines had a texture to them. He kept going back to feel the pages. (With gloves, of course.)

Cat’s Cradle by Julie Chen

cats cradle

This book is both delicate and strong simultaneously. The laser cut strings that run through the book successfully recreate the game of cat’s cradle that all of us play at some point in our childhood. This grown up version in book form is quite beautiful.

The Four Signs of A Real Work of Art by Barbara Tetenbaum

Four Signs

We both loved the imagery in this book. The pipe that runs throughout gives one the sense that there is a pipe of ideas, techniques and creativity that artists tap into. It is whimsical and interesting and holds new discoveries each time you look through it.

And about Mill Valley:

We’d never been to Mill Valley and found it to be a very nice town with a lot of fun shops and restaurants. There is plenty of parking (bring quarters for the meters) and everything is within easy walking distance. 

We did a lot of browsing and a bit of shopping, we came home with a pair of antique candlesticks, a photo book, a funky handmade purse and some locally made salted caramels. Our favorite shop was right next to Seager Gray, Moss & Moss.

We had perhaps the best steak dinner we’ve ever had at El Paseo: House of Chops which is also right next to Seager Gray (down the alley shared with Moss & Moss). We sat in their outdoor patio which felt like part of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The lanterns, overhead strands of lights and brick walls create a wonderful ambiance. Nearby heaters kept us plenty warm. You know you’ve found culinary heaven when they bring you a popover hot right out of the oven. The aroma alone is enough to start your mouth watering. We started with the devilled eggs, had a butter lettuce salad and then each had the 6 ounce filet mignon with a shared side of creamed spinach. The steak cut like butter and practically melted in our mouths. Honestly I think we purred through the whole meal, it seemed such a shame to eat the last bite.

We ended our day with a concert at the Sweetwater Music Hall just a few blocks away. Sweetwater is a small venue that is just perfect for an intimate concert. We really enjoyed Delhi 2 Dublin – A Bollywood meets celtic music fusion band. They are enthusiastic, energetic and gave a fantastic performance. We came home with a CD that I’ve been listening to in my studio this morning. It is hard to glue carefully while dancing!

The Art of the Book Show is coming up soon at the Seager Gray Gallery, we’ll be going back for sure. The combination of great artists books and a town with plenty of opportunities to make it a day definitely makes it worth the drive.


Book Art Events Coming or Ending Soon

Book Fair

The Antiquarian Book Fair, February 15-17, promises a treasure trove of “medieval manuscripts to collectible editions of authors into the 21st century.  There will be unusual books on travel and exploration (including maps), literature, the arts, science and medicine, children’s books, law and commerce, ephemera, Americana, and history in all eras and geographical areas. First, signed, and limited editions of many important authors will be present, plus collections of original photographs, prints by renowned artists from the 16th to the 21st century, and remarkable examples of book making, binding, and typography from throughout the world.” Since we missed Codex this year, we thought we’d give it a try!

The Book and the Binding

[Paul Bonet, binding design for the book Nuits de Paris, by Francis Carco]

The Legion of Honor has an exhibition, The Book and the Binding, open until March 24th, 2013, that looks quite interesting. From their website:

“It was not until the emergence of the artist book in the 20th century that book bindings—a book’s front and back covers and spine—came to be appreciated as more than merely protective or decorative. In the early 1900s, any deluxe artist book—with original print illustrations by a well-known artist, printed on fine papers, and issued unbound in limited quantity—fairly cried out for a creative binding. Collectors of these elegant books often commissioned bookbinders to fabricate unique leather covers with original designs that evoked the spirit or mood of the book’s text or illustrations.

The books in this exhibition, selections from the Reva and David Logan Collection and a recent gift of Earl M. Collier Jr., provide an overview of creative book binding design from the period encompassing late Art Nouveau through Art Deco, and from the mid–20th century, when materials other than leather were introduced. Included are bindings by some of the great masters: Paul Bonet, Georges Cretté. Henri Creuzevault, Pierre Legrain, Marius Michel, and Francois-Louis Schmied.”

Ideation by Chance_4x6

And at the Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley, Ideation by Chance, an exhibition of artist books by Julie Chen and Barbara Tetenbaum. From the Seager Gray Gallery website:

“The concept for the exhibition came from cards that Tetenbaum had developed. The cards have different categories: text, image, structure, color, layout, etc….with about 6 cards in each category. A second deck has adjectives to be picked at random. Each artist was given one card from each category stack and 5 adjective cards. Their book is created according to the parameters set by the cards. Chen became fascinated with the deck and Chen and Tetenbaum are working on a formalized version as a collaborative project.

The exhibition features entirely new and original handmade books from Sarah Bryant, Clare Carpenter, Macy Chadwick, Julie Chen, Sabine Golde, Larissa Hammond, Lyall Harris, Karen Kunc, Roberta Lavadour, Clifton Meador, Veronika Schaepers, Pati Scobey Barbara Tetenbaum, US/US (Ulrike Stoltz and Uta Schneider), Karen Zimmermann, Phil Zimmermann and Marilyn Zornado”

Have you been to any of these events? Do you have recommendations or “don’t miss” tips? Do you know of other Book Arts Events that we should check out? Please post in the comments!



Last Chance: Call for Entries: Marin MOCA’s Annual Altered Book Show

Wednesday, February 1st is the last day to send in your Entry Form to Marin MOCA’s 3rd Annual Altered Book/Book Art Show/Auction. This form is to indicate your participation. The actual book is due to Marin MOCA April 15th so you still have plenty of time to create!

Click here for the Call for Artists and here for the Prospectus

It’s a great way to get your artwork out into the world and support Marin MOCA at the same time.

Donna Seager of the Seager Gray Gallery in San Rafael will give a talk on April 21st and will select show winners and honorable mentions.

I had a great time making last year’s entry, Better Handwriting for You 3. I’ll post pictures soon of this year’s entry.